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Washing machine codes table; Ub, UE. The load in the drum is unbalanced. This is not a fault. The appliance has detected an unbalanced load and has stopped the spin for safety reasons. Make sure the appliance is on a flat, stable surface. Redistribute washing by adding or removing items to create a more balanced load. FAQ: What causes an unbalanced washing machine? Redistribute the washing machine When there are four towels on one side of the washing machine and a set of sheets on the other side, this causes the machine to become unbalanced during spinning. Also, if you overfill the washing machine, it won’t leave too much room for FAQ: What causes an unbalanced . If your washer is unbalanced, then try to simply adjust the legs of the washer so that the whole body of the machine is absolutely level. Other technical fixes include: Replace a damaged belt Once you identify that the drive belt is defective, the next thing is to replace it.

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one love music books for children african. Samsung Washing Machine Will Not Finish Spin Cycle. If your Samsung washing machine spin cycle seems to go on endlessly, it means that the load in your washer’s drum is www.ast-info.ru is caused by putting to many clothes in the machine. If the drum is too full, the machine will keep spinning in order to try balancing the . If the shock dampening device is broken, the tub might become unbalanced, causing it to shake and vibrate during the spin cycle. Inspect the shock dampening device to determine if is broken. If the shock dampening device is broken, replace it. Required Part Washing Machine Shock Dampening Device. Apr 12,  · Likewise badly mixed items of laundry can cause an unbalanced drum. Get Your Appliance Fixed Hoover | Candy Before a proper spin the drum should revolve slowly for a couple of minutes. If a load is out of balance you can often .

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LG is one of the Best Brand of washing machines in India. And this kg Top Load washing machine is the first choice of many buyers on Amazon India. It has Smart Inverter motor optimises power consumption according to load and it makes this washing machine more energy efficient.. This washing machine provides a powerful wash with Turbodrum technology. It . Another possible cause of an unbalanced washing machine is the damaged OR worn-out drive belt. The drive belt is responsible for moving the drum and it is connected to the motor. If this . Make sure that the washing machine is on an even plane. If you have an uneven washer, this can cause the drum to act like it’s loose, even though it’s just off-balanced. Check to see if .