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The Greenback Party was a short-lived political organization, that fought for the rights of farmers and industrial workers after the US Civil War. It supported the government regulation of paper . The Greenback Party. One of the leading public issues of the immediate postwar period was related to the nation’s currency. The heart of the debate centered on an action the . The Greenback Party was a newcomer to politics in , having first nominated candidates for national office four years earlier. The party had arisen, mostly in the West and South, as a response to the economic depression that followed the Panic of During the Civil War, Congress had authorized "greenbacks", a new form of fiat money that was redeemable not in .

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The Greenback (Labor) Party was a democratic socialist political party in the United States which was active from to In , a group of reformist farmers and political activists in Indiana founded the "Independent Party", free of the hegemony of the fiscally conservative Republican Party and the Southern -oriented Democratic Party. What did the Greenback-Labor Party call on the federal government to do? Print more paper money in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs. What did the Greenback-Labor Party lead to the creation of? Railroad conventions (supervised railroads and created a foundation for regulating big businesses and farmer-labor movements). Answer (1 of 15): Either one, depending on whether you have received an email or a letter that has been sent by mail. Also, ‘acknowledge receipt’ is fine for a business letter or if you are in a dispute and concede that you have heard from the person you .

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The Greenback Question As one means of financing the cost of fighting the Civil War, the federal (Union) government in began printing Legal Tender notes. This currency was not backed . From this distance it looks as though its sands of life had nearly ceased running. We have before us a copy of the Chicago Inter-Ocean of the 11th, containing accounts of . The National Greenback (er) Party was a party active in the United States after the United States Civil War. One of the major ideological divisions of the time was monetary policy. During the United States Civil War, the federal government issued "Greenbacks", a paper currency that instead of being backed by the commodity price of gold or.